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15 Stylish Laminate Tile Flooring Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation

6 Reasons Why Laminate Tile Flooring Works for American Homes

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You and your partner have just moved into a new home. To turn that dull and dusty place into a cozy haven is a definite act of love and teamwork. But, before you call it your new home, there ought to be checkboxes to be ticked first. Dusting, decluttering to redesigning are a few to name.

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Moving into a new home is one thing and redecorating the place to your taste is yet another. From the walls to the window curtains to the kitchen table to the floor work, almost everything needs refurbishing. And it’s laborious to tackle all of them at once. Flooring has to be given utmost attention when renovating your home. With the advancements in flooring, user preferences are leaning towards laminate tile flooring. Laminate tile flooring is a cost-effective alternative to its solid hardwood counterpart. Over the years, there has been an introduction of laminate flooring styles in the market.

Firstly, What is Laminate Tile Flooring?

Laminate tile flooring is a replica of the typical wooden-type flooring wherein layers of fiber board make up the laminate plank. The top layer is the design pattern that mimics typical wood styles covered with a wear-resistant coating. The bottom layer of the laminate plank acts as a moisture absorbent. That being said, existing and aspiring home-owners are now considering laminate flooring over other flooring options. Main factors like floor type, affordability, and design influence the buyer’s decision.

15 Stylish Laminate Tile Flooring Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation

1. Go Waterproof with Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring have become contenders for their solid hardwood counterparts. But, one unarguable characteristic of laminate is that they are water-repellent at large. Evidently, wood flooring or any wood products has the tendency to absorb moisture causing it to expand. With the availability of ample laminate tile flooring options, particularly waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the damages that can happen to your flooring.

2. Texture is the New Trend

For years, wood has been successful in giving the feel and texture of organic flooring. However, the different textures in flooring also depends on the type of wood chosen. For example, embossed in register (EIR) type laminate flooring gives a realistic texture akin to the wood flooring. Textures given by laminate flooring are nothing short of realistic combined with its affordability.

3. Vintage Vibes with Recycled Wood-like Laminates

If you are someone who fantasize living in the countryside, you would know what a treehouse is. You may have probably lived in one too. But those wooden houses fade over time due to environmental conditions. Apparently, they get recycled into usable materials and give the user a fresh look. To overcome this arduous process, recycled wood-like laminate flooring jumps to the final step by giving the feel of vintage wood. The color, the distress patterns, the scraping all resemble original wood. Except for the earthy, yet-to-decompose smell.

4. Experience Minimalism with Light Colored Laminates

Until now, laminates flooring was all about mimicking the facets of solid wood. The dark colors, the texture, etc. But some consumers prefer laminate flooring that is plain and light-colored. Light-colored laminate tile flooring is a common preference among Westerns that matches with the ambience of the household.

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5. Bring Home a Beach House with White-Washed Laminate Flooring

As the heading speaks, if you’re thinking of a boring and bland flooring style, then read further. White-washed laminate flooring is an alternative to the rugged dark toned laminate flooring. For people who are aficionados of minimal and bright spaces, white-washed laminate flooring might appeal to them. Designed thoughtfully to replicate the visage and feel of sandy beaches, white-washed laminate flooring could be your go-to choice for a chic home.

6. Rustic Laminate Flooring for Enhanced Ruggedness

This would not strike as an appealing flooring choice for many. But, this one factor should not fool you of its potential. For old souls who miss the bare-footed walks in their countryside homes, rustic laminate flooring is an ideal option. Old souls know the difference when they see a rugged floor. Rustic laminate floor planks are carefully hand scraped to match the ruggedness of natural wood.

7. Gray Laminate Tile Flooring

As appearances can be deceptive, so could be thought of a gray laminate floor in your home. But what if the gray monotony sets the tone for a vibrant color backdrop in your home. As you can imagine, gray has morphed into a contemporary flooring theme for design enthusiasts. Promising a dark tone against other light tones for your walls, furniture, decors, etc, grayscale laminate tile flooring gives a pleasing vibe to your home.

8. Experiment with Weathered and Distressed Laminate Flooring

Unlike the design preferences of millennials, there are still people who would want to relive their 70s and 80s. For people who grew up in ranches and got accustomed to the scent and feel of wood, weathered and distressed laminates might strike similar. Weathered and distressed laminates replicate the weary and withered feel of wood. Usually these laminates are caused manually by creating distortions like scrapes, burns and knots to bring the old vibes.

9. Personalize Your Study Space with the Light-Wood Laminate Flooring

Your study room has a major influence on the productivity of your work. A dull interior with no design elements can be a let down and can reduce productivity. However, taking an uncommon path like giving your flooring a light-wood feel doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Light-wood laminate tile flooring complements your colorful and vibrant study interiors making it the perfect study and work setting.

10. Keep Your Kitchen Floors Stain-Proof

Probably the only place in our homes that is subjected to a lot of spills and stains that can be hard to clean. Especially some stains last forever leaving a permanent mark. In the process of renovating your home, bad memories from your kitchen may flash. Using stain resistant laminates will solve your spillage worries. Stain resistant laminates come with a protective transparent coating that is spill-proof. Although proven effective, it is recommended to promptly clean stains to avoid deterioration.

11. Cherish Your Dining Experience with Solid-Colored Laminates

If you are/have been a keen observer of restaurants, they tend to give a pleasing ambience to diners. Wonder why? Their surroundings are almost vintage with brick and tile designs with contemporary furniture and lighting to compensate for. To bring the vibe of restaurant dining to your dining room, experiment your flooring choices with solid-colored laminates like dark gray, tan brown, terra-cotta, etc.

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12. Style Your New Home with Chevron Patterns

So far, laminate flooring was all about the color and texture. Nevertheless, what matters most is the way your floors are installed. Essentially, there are many flooring patterns that appeal to a variety of customers. Among them is Chevron patterns are the most sought after patterns. Chevron patterns are installed with each laminate planks at 45 degrees resembling a fish bone.

13. Make Your Home Look Roomy with Wide Plank Laminates

Wide plank laminate flooring is an optical illusion of sorts. Enclosed spaces might feel boxy with the existing furniture. When you renovate your existing space, removing excess furniture and adding wide plank laminate makes your space look larger. This in turn, leaves you more room for additional and essential decors.

14. Redefine Luxury with Royal Oak Patterns

Unlike wide plank or chevron patterns, royal oak patterns mimic the pattern of ceramics tiles. Royal oak pattern gives the premium feel of living in a palace. Although royal oak patterns are commonly found in the large homes, it is better to consult a professional before zeroing in.

15. Bring in Hybrid Flooring as per Your Needs

Hybrid flooring is a fairly new concept in the home flooring community. Home-owners, so far, are aware of the typical flooring that exists in the market. Hybrid flooring, however, replaces the typical approach of flooring – either laminate or vinyl planks. Hybrid flooring entails a variety of benefits in terms of durability, maintenance and cost-efficiency.

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So, what are you waiting for? If laminate flooring is still a hazy concept for you to trust, we suggest calling our experts who study spaces to give you the best flooring solutions.

6 Reasons Why Laminate Tile Flooring Works for American Homes

Whether you’re looking to install laminate tile flooring for your new home, or you’re interested in renovating your current home flooring, it’s always a good idea. Evaluating and choosing between the numerous different options offered today can be quite cumbersome, which is why we’re here to tell you why laminate tile flooring should be one of, if not the first approach you should be looking at for your home.

1. Laminate Tile Flooring is Durable

Laminate is a tough and durable flooring surface with scratch-resistant properties. The outer layer comes with a resin coating that offers the protection of the tile. Often not considered when it comes to laminate tile flooring, these panels are great for crowded areas with a higher footfall, especially if you have pets or children running around.

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2. Get Easy Installation with Laminate Tile Flooring

Laminate tile flooring is relatively easier to install than the other floors. These boards have been designed in a way that they interlock with each other, instead of using staples, glue guns, or nails. The majority of offerings in the market also allow you to install your new laminate tile flooring on top of your existing floors. This is called floating and saves a lot of time and money during installation.

3. You Get to Choose Stylish, Attractive Laminate Tiles

Available in a variety of natural and artificial finishes, you should be able to find laminate tile flooring in wood, tile, and stone finishes in varying colors, finishes, thicknesses, and styles. Rest assured you will be able to choose a flooring that matches the rest of your home decor.

4. Maintenance is a Breeze with Laminate Tile Flooring

The moisture and stain-resistant treatment that goes on the surface of laminate tile flooring makes cleaning dust and spills easier than the alternative options. Cleaning laminate tiles require no special cleaners or chemical – a regular daily sweep of the premises is all you need to keep it spick and span.

5. Laminate Tile Flooring is Hypoallergenic

The installation of laminate tile flooring limits the places where dust or other particles can be trapped within the flooring, reducing the chances of potential allergens causing discomfort to the people. Laminate tiles are treated with an underlaid moisture barrier that protects the flooring from mold and spores.

6. Pricing for Laminate Tile Flooring

They often look classy and posh, but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Laminate tile flooring is considerably less expensive than conventional hardwood flooring, and doesn’t fall short in terms of the quality of the flooring, or the overall appearance and aesthetic. You should be able to find a great laminate tile flooring approach based on your budget and requirements.

Where to Get the Best Laminate Tile Flooring for Your Home

At Healthy Home Flooring, we provide several options in a variety of colors and designs that are ideal for your next project. There isn’t a better option than Healthy Home Flooring, and our staff plays a huge role in delivering the experience. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in identifying the ideal flooring option for you based on your home and your requirements, and ensure a short turnaround time with exceptional results. Get in touch with us to know more.

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