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  • [2020] Carpet Trends | Arizona's Carpet Flooring Guide

    types of carpet

    What style carpet is most popular?

    Twisted pile carpet is the most popular style of carpet and comes in a large variety of colors. The yarn has been tightly twisted and the loops are cut to become this style of carpeting. This style of carpet was most popular in the 70's, when it was typically referred to as "shag" carpet. 

    Twisted Pile Carpet

    As the years went by, the twisted pile carpet gradually dropped in popularity, with homeowners perceiving it as "outdated" and "difficult to clean." If someone bought a house that was built in the 70's, the twisted pile carpet was usually the first thing to go. But in recent years, these carpet styles have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to its unique texture and advances in technology that make it easier to clean.

    Carpet Styles with Unique Advantages

    Unlike the old shag carpets, which were thick and difficult to clean, twisted pile carpet is made of small, tight twists that create a firm surface that doesn't collect dirt and particles as easily. Have you ever been in a house where the carpet was firm and slightly knotty? That's twisted pile carpet. 

    Advantages of Twist Carpet Styles

    It's readily available in most carpet stores and comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you're sure to get the perfect carpet for your living space. When it's time to clean, simply sweep a vacuum cleaner over the carpet and let it do all the hard work. These carpet styles also have a unique advantage in that the twists make them appear multicolored, making them an eye-catching addition to your home or office.

    eco-friendly pick for homeowners

    What type of carpet is trending now?

    Sisal carpeting is woven from plant fibers using Agave Sisalana, which is a succulent. It is both sustainable and bio-degradable making it an eco-friendly pick for homeowners. 

    Environmentally-Conscientious Carpet Types

    For those homeowners who are environmentally-conscientious, recycled carter is a mother option. There are several materials to choose from including Foss PET, which you'd never know was made from recycled soda bottles! In fact, this is just one example of carpet tiles that have been and will remain trendy in the near future. You can mix and match carpet tiles to create a custom pattern for your home or even make rugs from carpet tiles.

    Grey & Blue Carpets, A Popular Choice

    While grey and blue are both popular options for carpet colors that work well in many rooms, some people are incorporating bolder colors and patterns into their carpet choices to add a point of interest in their rooms. When it comes to carpet redesign specifically, carpeting that combines both cut and loop fibers is all the rage because of the unique patterns and textures that can be produced using this method.

    Frieze Carpets Are Always a Popular Choice 

    The twisting process used to create Frieze carpet results in a curly appearance that's also an Arizona carpet trend. It's much more aesthetically appealing than the shag carpet of the 1970's and soft to the touch. Plus, the texture helps to hide seams in the carpet.

    Carpet Flooring

    What is the most durable carpet?

    Nylon is considerably the most durable, fade resistant carpet fiber making it the most popular carpet selection. Similar in appearance is Triexta carpet which is significantly softer than most nylon fibers.

    Nylon Carpet is a Popular Choice

    One of the main reasons that nylon is so popular is that it is a very durable carpet for home and relatively easy to maintain compared to some other carpet types. It’s incredibly resilient to daily wear and tear so it will persevere for a long time and still look great. It is resistant to compaction so compression marks are not as big of a worry when you go with nylon.

    Nylon carpet is also very popular.

    Nylon is also great when it comes to stain resistance, so you’ll have less to worry about if there’s an accidental spill or other mess. If you are shopping for durable carpet for home, there are some things that should be considered if nylon is one of your top contenders.

    Nylon Carpet Can Cause Static Electricity

    Nylon does tend to be slightly more expensive than other options, and it has a tendency to produce static electricity in dryer climates. Be aware of this if you have kids because they will likely end up playing games by rubbing their socks on the carpet and shocking each other.

    Nylon Carpet Helps Regulate Indoor Air Quality

    Lastly, nylon is not the best at regulating indoor air, so as a consequence, it has a tendency to feel cool during cold weather and warm during hot weather, and can even feel slightly damp if there happens to be high humidity.

    What is the softest thickest carpet?

    Generally, cut pile carpets are softer than loop pile carpets, and plush is the softest of all styles. Wool, although expensive, is perhaps one of the softer carpet fibers. Nylon and polyester carpets are also very popular alternatives.

    Carpet Offers Comfort and Durability

    Investing in a soft, yet thick carpet is important because you get the ideal balance between comfort and durability. With that said, we are going to give you our top choice for the softest, thickest carpet, as well as two close runner-ups.

     softest thickest carpet

    Good to Know: Wool, Nylon & Plush Carpet Styles

    Harvested from sheep, wool carpet is soft and durable. It's durability and thickness come from the fact that wool contains tightly wound natural fibers. Wool carpets can be extremely durable and won't have to replaced for several years with proper care.

    Wool Carpet Can be Extremely Soft

    Wool is produced from the fur of sheep, it is an extremely soft carpet, making it an increasingly popular option. Because of the thickness of wool carpets, it better insulates homes, making wool an environmentally-friendly carpeting option. This is why wool carpets make-up some of the softest, thickest carpet options.

    Nylon Carpet Can Also be Soft

    Coming in as close runner-ups to wool are nylon and plush carpet. Nylon carpet is possibly the thickest, most durable type of carpet, which is a major part of its allure. However, while nylon is comfortable, it is not always an especially soft carpet.

    Plush Carpet Styles

    Plush carpet styles are both extremely soft and durable types of carpet. Despite these great qualities, plush carpets are not always as thick compared to higher-end wool carpets. In today's world of carpet choices soft, thick carpets are available as nylon, plush and wool. 

    What is the best carpet underlay?

    With a variety of underlay to choose from, the most popular are polyurethane (PU) foam and rubber. Foam is popular as it gives a soft feeling underfoot while rubber is soundproofing. With that said, we're going to look at the best carpet underlay for comfort, durability, and sound-protection purposes.

    Polyurethane Foam, A Comfortable Option

    Polyurethane foam is by far the most popular carpet underlay throughout the United States. This is primarily because of its versatility, durability, and most importantly, comfort. As its name suggests, polyurethane foam is made using various types of foam, similar in texture and comfort to memory foam. The only difference is that polyurethane foam does not "sink in" when you step on it, making it comfortable and sturdy.

    Crumb Rubber

    Crumb Rubber, A Highly Durable Product

    Believe it or not, crumb rubber is a special type of rubber that is made from the same material that tires are made of. Just like tires are extremely durable, carpet underlay's using crumb rubber are similarly durable. This makes crumb rubber the best carpet underlay for durability. This material is also excellent due to its soundproofing qualities.

    Acoustic Underlay, A Quality Soundproofing Carpet Underlay

    Finally, homeowners who desire a product that will block excessive noise should turn their attention to acoustic carpet underlay, an effective noise control option. Acoustic underlay material is made from a combination of absorbent foam and specialized sound-resistant vinyl sheets. This material is designed to easily absorb footsteps, preventing creaking wood, squeaky floors, and other sources of noise.

    Do I Need to Replace Underlay When Replacing Carpet?

    When replacing carpet, replacing the underlay is beneficial to the feel you will have walking on them. Some carpets such as a waterproof gel backed carpet or carpets with felt backs don't require an underlay.

    Replacing carpet underlay depends on several things:

    • The type of carpet you choose.
    • Age of the existing carpet underlay.
    • Amount of wear and tear the carpet has received.

    When it comes to home flooring, the underlay beneath a carpet is as much a style statement as the carpet you choose.

    For example, you may not need underlay for Oriental carpets. This depends on the size of the carpet and where it will be located. In a foyer, an Oriental carpet may need underlay support since it will receive a lot of foot traffic.

    Replacing Underlay for Carpets

    4 Tips on Replacing Underlay for Carpets

    Tip #1 - In bedrooms, living rooms and dens, when a carpet has an appreciable volume of nap, it may be worthwhile to replace the underlay to maintain the same nap volume.
    Tip #2 - The other reason to consider replacing underlay when replacing a carpet is the condition of the flooring beneath the carpet. Carpet underlay provides a protective barrier for underlying flooring.
    Tip #3 - You may also wish to replace underlay for carpets installed on stairs, in hallways and on landings. This is an excellent way to reduce noise since they provide a measure of insulation.
    Tip #4 - Another reason to consider replacing underlay is that it helps extend the wear on carpets. However, the best way to choose underlay when replacing carpet is to rely on your home flooring experts.

    How Do I Know If My Carpet Is Low Pile?

    A low pile carpet has short fibers and appears flat and dense. It is both durable and easy to clean and can stand up to lots of foot traffic and maintain its appearance. Low pile carpeting is a wonderful choice for any room in a home or office setting. Stain removal is a much easier and faster process, so spills, mud and pet stains are no longer a major cleanup project.

    The surface is smoother than that of deep pile carpeting. 

    Typically, the stains do not seep in and completely soil the carpeting. This is another way that you would know that your carpeting is low pile. Low pile carpet is an ideal floor covering in the dining area, entry ways, play areas, and the other places where the family gathers. 

    Vacuuming Extends the Life of Carpet Flooring

    A regular routine of vacuuming and cleaning will keep the carpeting looking like new longer. It is also noticeably easier to move chairs and other furniture around the room with low pile carpet vs some other types of flooring options.

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