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$35 Room Sale $35 Room Sale

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Same-day Appointments
The why behind healthy home flooring

Healthy Home Flooring began with a young man and a big dream. The owner grew up in the industry and started his career working for Express Flooring, helping it grow into one of the most well-known flooring companies in the U.S.

Created a Path to Success

Created a Path to Success

He soon after moved to Detroit where he helped two separate family-owned flooring businesses grow into some of the largest flooring companies in the state. After that experience, he decided to move his family back to Arizona where he worked with Empire.

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Team of Experts

The now industry expert soon realized something that was all too common in the flooring industry—it was all about the sale and everyone was a number rather than a person. There was no real personal touch in the entire industry. That’s when he realized his vision, and that vision became a mission. With a fantastic team of like-minded people, the mission soon became a reality and Healthy Home Flooring was born.

Some play the game, others change it!

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Memorable Flooring Experience

Healthy Home Flooring revolutionized the flooring industry and forever changed the way floors were purchased. The goal was to create a memorable flooring experience that the customer would be proud to share with their family because, after all, Healthy Home Flooring makes the customer feel like family.

About Healthy Home Flooring

We are locally owned and operated by family and our mission is simple.

We are a family, so think like a family and discover the best ways to provide great flooring, at an exceptional price, for families!

Family Owned Flooring Company

We are a flooring company that cares and we realize in life, that there is nothing more important than family and taking care of your loved ones! At Healthy Home Flooring we value your families well being, and helping to make it the best environment for a beautiful, comfortable, Healthy, and Happy Home.

Hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly Flooring

Great floors begin, with a beautiful style or color, that is soft and comfortable for your kids to play on. Healthy Home Flooring’s products are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Easy to clean, with low maintenance helping to make your house a Healthy and Happy Home.

Same-day Appointments

From start to finish, top to bottom, one call does it all. Same-day appointments, evenings, and weekends are available as well. We will bring the store to your door and give you a free in-home estimate with no hidden extras or unknown costs. You get to see the samples in your home’s lighting next to your furniture and decorations.

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