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Healthy Home Flooring, Glendale

Proudly serving customers in Glendale, Arizona

Healthy Home Flooring, Glendale

Located Inside Talavi Spectrum
5701 W Talavi Boulevard.
Glendale, AZ 85306
Phone: (623) 526-1195

Voted #1 flooring and installation provider in Glendale, AZ

We are the finest flooring and installation company in the Glendale area. We primarily cater to homeowners in Glendale and provide them with various flooring and installation services for their home.

We bring all flooring samples to your home in Glendale for FREE!

If you happen to take particularly like some flooring samples, let us know and we will bring them right to your doorstep.

There is nothing we love more than helping you decide on a flooring that's perfect for your home. Further, take advantage of the attractive wholesale pricing when you buy your flooring from us.

is your family's health and well-being while giving you the floors you deserve at a price you can afford.

Disinfectant Services

Evaclean technology is an infection prevention solution that has played a pivotal role in helping to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19.*

Disinfectant  Services

is your family's health and well-being while giving you the floors you deserve at a price you can afford.

Disinfectant Services

Evaclean technology is an infection prevention solution that has played a pivotal role in helping to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19.*


Family owned and locally operated

Family owned and locally operated

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Glendale Flooring & Installation with Licensed and Bonded Installation Teams

Glendale flooring & installation with licensed and bonded installation teams

We are well known by Glendale homeowners to provide top quality flooring materials and exceptional installation services.

Our teams are licensed and bonded and have more than sufficient expertise handling the course of flooring projects. We are waiting to show you what we can do!

Homeowners in Glendale - Schedule a quote with us today!

We are a passionate team, eager to help transform your current residence in Glendale into your dream home.

Our in-home sampling service is freely available to you any time you like to help you make an informed choice, and we have teams who are ready to assist you when any queries that you may have regarding your flooring needs.

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Vinyl plank flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Vinyl Plank is an especially luxurious looking flooring that adapts beautifully to living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen areas of your Glendale home. What makes it even better is its remarkable water resistant capabilities. In addition to its wide range of designs and styles, it is becoming an increasingly affordable flooring material for homeowners in Glendale.

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Tile Flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Tile flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Tile flooring distinguishes itself from other types of flooring by its immense material strength and the fact that it can be placed in varied home layouts and environments and still stand out. The colour and pattern choices in tile are endless. Cheaper to install and easy to maintain tile continues to be Glendale homeowner’s top choice for flooring.

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Laminate Flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Laminate flooring in Glendale, Arizona

If you’re a brand new homeowner in Glendale, and you’re looking to uplift the aesthetic in your home, Laminate flooring could be the one for you. Available in several natural wood-resembling shades, laminate flooring gives your home a chic and neat look. Installing laminate flooring is also cheaper and easier to install than other flooring installations.

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 Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Engineered hardwood flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Some impressive features of engineered hardwood flooring include its superior color tones and finishes, immense durability against scratches, and moisture resistant capabilities to a great extent. If you’re thinking about a wood flooring for your Glendale home, reach out to us and we can advise you some brand of our engineered hardwood that would be your best bet.

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Carpet Flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Carpet flooring in Glendale, Arizona

Comfort and efficiency is the language of our carpet flooring here at Healthy Home Floorings. Speaking of healthy, did you know that carpet flooring the ability to improve the general air quality of a home? That is why it makes a perfect and safe flooring option bedrooms, stairwells and play areas in homes with families or children.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor Installers in Glendale, Arizona
Vinyl Plank Flooring Company in Glendale, Arizona
Low Cost Vinyl Plank Flooring in Glendale, Arizona
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Completed flooring projects in Glendale

Wire-brushed engineered hardwood flooring

New flooring & installation

Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood Flooring & Installation in Glendale, Arizona

Project name:

Casa Capricorn

Location: N 64th Dr.
Glendale AZ 85301

Cross streets: W Rose Ln & N 64th Dr

Description: This project featured engineered hardwood flooring of a beautifully crafted European oak in a wire-brushed pattern. The homeowner decided to have this installed in his Glendale home to complement the solid pastel shades of this furniture. The matte finish blended artistically with the textures of all the other areas of the house.

Laminate flooring

Flooring & installation

Laminate Flooring & Installation in Glendale, Arizona

Project name:

Stillwater Apartments

Location: N 51st Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301

Cross streets: N 51st Ave & W Frier Dr

Description: This project was carried out to the exact specifications of the Glendale homeowner. A light textured grey was the shade of laminate that was installed in the living room and study room of the homeowners urbane apartment building. Simplicity and affordability are the two qualities that describe the essence of laminate flooring, great to liven up any area of the home.

Triexta carpet flooring

Flooring & installation

Triexta Carpet Flooring & Installation in Glendale, Arizona

Project name:

Maryland Manor Townhouses

Location: W Maryland Ave.
Glendale AZ 85301

Cross streets: W Maryland Ave & N 64th Dr

Description: Cozy carpet flooring was installed in this lovely Glendale homeowner’s townhouse. A darker tone of carpet was seen to suit the home environment better and offer adequate thermal insulation. Durability of carpet was a keen requirement of the homeowner, however Triexta carpet was preferred over Nylon carpet flooring for its softer feel.

Flooring ideas & inspiration in Glendale

Vinyl Plank Flooring Company in Glendale, Arizona
Best Quality Luxury Vinyl Plank in Glendale, Arizona
Vinyl Plank Floor Store in Glendale, Arizona
Vinyl Plank Floor Sale in Glendale, Arizona
Flooring Ideas & Inspiration in Glendale, Arizona

Satisfied client testimonials from Glendale flooring projects

So happy with my engineered hardwood flooring! Great service too!

Incredibly satisfied with our new engineered hardwood flooring. It certainly stands up to it style and strength. Our home looks delightful! Your team were lovely to speak to and were very helpful. Would definitely recommend your company to a friend.

~ The Swenson Family

Simple yet classy – love my new laminate flooring!

I decided to go for laminate cause I didn’t want anything too expensive. My expectations were low considering the amount I was paying but wow, I’m super impressed with my laminate flooring. It looks and feels nothing like I thought it would given the price I paid for it. Exceeded my expectations for sure. Thank you Healthy Home Flooring!

~ Zubaid

Best carpet flooring I’ve ever seen!

I have been dreaming of carpet flooring for my new home but its so hard to find good quality carpet around this area. I’m so happy I chose Healthy Home Floorings to install carpet in my home. They were so patient to show and take me through multiple samples of carpet until I decided on one that I liked. I just wanted one that was soft but I got the added benefit of durability in this carpet for a very reasonable price! Thank you team.

~ Alina

Special discount offers for Glendale residents

Special Discount Offers for Glendale Residents

Mention your Glendale zip code while scheduling your free in-home estimate and get an additional

People also ask – Glendale residents

A. We choose not to put up a list only because our prices vary depending on the selected floor material and the home layout. What we can tell you is that we charge you only a one time fee which includes every single aspect of the installation process from start to end including furniture moving, all without having you pay one penny extra.

A. Yes, 100%. Glendale homeowners usually opt for to get material samples straight to their residence for comparison and trial purposes. This service is also entirely free and we know for a fact that it will aid your decision process.

A. We believe in delivering exceptional customer service which includes quicker than usual project turnarounds. We work diligently to make sure that your flooring projects are completed quicker than usual, without having our speed of work take away from the quality of installation.

A. Absolutely! We are licensed, bonded and BBB accredited. We are happy to show you our license documents upon request.

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