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Family Owned and Locally Operated

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Free Home Disinfectant and Air Duct Cleaning with Every Flooring Purchase*

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The Protexus Backpack Sprayer uses an electrostatic charge that allows the droplets to attract to the surface, rather than float in the air (which is typically associated with a standard mister or fogger). This touchless electrostatic technology “wraps around” surfaces & objects in 360°, providing 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional spray bottles, buckets, and rags.

Protexus is the number one high grade disinfectant in the world, where all MGM Resorts, Marriott Hotels, Delta Airlines, and over 75% of all hospitals use this product to protect their customers. Now Healthy Home Flooring does as well!

The ESPT334MG tablets (sold separately) are EPA registered tablets that dissolve quickly in water to form a sanitizing solution that is NSF D2 certified safe for food contact surfaces with no rinsing required.
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Free Home Disinfectant and Air Duct Cleaning with Every Flooring Purchase*

Sustainable Chemicals, Advanced Technologies

Clinical efficacy of infection prevention programs is not based on equipment alone, but a systematic, standardized approach to infection prevention. EvaClean enhances cleaning protocols by providing one simple solution effective against the threats of today, and those of tomorrow. With EvaClean's NaDCC chemistry and end-to-end system you can:
  • IMPROVE compliance standards
  • ELIMINATE human error
  • SIMPLIFY with safer technology and chemicals
  • REDUCE outbreaks and HAI's
  • BOOST worker happiness and success


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With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current processes and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday’s cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Cleaning protocols tailored around the EvaClean system are cost effective, accessible, practical, safe and scalable. We offer simplified processes that can be replicated and scaled.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces continue to be an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “With this guidance, EPA is ensuring offices, schools, and local governments have access to as many effective and approved surface disinfectant products as possible—including those designed to disinfect large indoor spaces.

Electrostatic spraying has drawn increased interest through the public health emergency because of the need to disinfect large indoor spaces (e.g., schools, offices, businesses) or areas with many surfaces. Unlike conventional spraying methods, electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for efficient coating of hard nonporous surfaces.

Free Home Disinfectant and Air Duct Cleaning with Every Flooring Purchase*

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Serious Threats to Public Health and Our Nation’s Economy

Little has changed in the infection control industry. Buckets, rags, mops, and wipes are still relied upon at most facilities today, despite the fact that they leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. Inconsistent application, worker error, and time constraints further complicate the challenge of keeping facilities clean and sanitary. These challenges become more alarming in the face of increasing threats.
  • Every year, close to 100k people die from Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Healthcare facilities not meeting HAI reduction targets lose an average of $1.3M per year in CMS funding
  • Workplace illness costs $200+ billion/year in lost productivity
  • Foodborne Salmonella, e Coli, and Listeria outbreaks happen every week and result in costly recalls
  • Cruise lines continue to face damaging outbreaks of Norovirus
  • One norovirus outbreak cost a major university $30,000 per day / $400,000 a week

EPA Takes Action to Help Americans Disinfect Indoor Spaces Efficiently and Effectively

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