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Technical assistance

Seller may furnish technical advice or assistance with regard to the use of any Product by Buyer. All such advice or assistance is rendered without compensation, and Seller assumes no obligation or liability with respect to such advice or assistance.


Buyer is solely responsible for evaluation, selection and retention of a qualified installer, unless installation services are provided by Seller as part of this Agreement.

Beat competitors prices by 10%

We will proudly beat any competitor’s price by 10%, as long as you are comparing apples to apples. Must be similar products and warranties, but we are the only company in the US offering Worry-Free Guarantee accident forgiveness, 36 to 60 months 0% financing, Free Air duct cleaning, free home disinfectant, and lifetime labor warranty. Must be a corporation and not a contractor or a guy out of the back of his truck. If the customer does not care about all the extras above, and only about price, then we will remove all the extras above to make it apples to apples and beat the competition by 10%, plus tax. If our product is better, we will reduce the price, by removing all extras above, and price it 10% above the competition, plus tax. Must have written quote or contract, no verbal agreements, email, or text will be accepted.