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Does laminate flooring look cheap?

How many years does laminate flooring last?

Laminate flooring can last up to 15 and 25 years, but will vary dependent on wear and tear. The difference in life expectancy is largely due to product quality, traffic it receives, and installation.

Does laminate flooring look cheap?

Laminate flooring is often a more affordable choice among other flooring options. However, laminate can look very classy and high-end dependent on the style you choose. Installation should also be taken into consideration when evaluating cost. Many homeowners choose to install laminate flooring themselves.

Can you put heavy furniture on laminate flooring?

When installed professionally and allowed the proper time for acclimation, heavy furniture is low concern if the proper measures are taken. Protecting your laminate flooring is easy as long as the furniture is shifted with care.

best laminate flooring

Best laminate flooring for a home with healthy home flooring

Laminate floorings are designed to offer the natural looks of hardwood but at a considerably low cost. Laminate flooring is made up of composite wood. Multiple layers of Composite woods are pressed together to create laminate flooring.

As compared to natural wood and hardwood flooring options, people prefer installing a laminate floor because;

  • It is easier to clean
  • It is more durable
  • It is resistant to direct sunlight and moisture

installing laminate flooring

What thickness of laminate flooring is best?

We cannot compare the thickness of laminate flooring cannot be compared with its durability. More thick laminate flooring doesn’t mean that it is more durable. However, more thick laminate flooring will be more resistant to conditions like wrapping.

Generally, Laminate flooring of thickness level between 8 mm to 12 mm is advised for home installation. These thicknesses of Laminate flooring are for almost every use. You can easily find these thicknesses at any laminate tile flooring store or a laminate flooring sale.

Is laminate flooring long-lasting?

The lasting duration of laminate flooring mainly depends on the quality of the laminate used. If you get the best quality laminate flooring from a trusted manufacturer, it will last ten years or more. You must also check that the laminate flooring you choose comes with a warranty period or not.

Installing laminate flooring

For installing a laminate floor at your home, you can contact Healthy Home Flooring, a laminate flooring company. We are the most trusted luxury laminate floor installers in Phoenix, AZ.

Laminate flooring installation

Enhance your home beauty with healthy home laminate flooring

In today’s times, Healthy Home is producing some of the finest floorings in America. When it comes to deciding about new flooring for your house, Healthy Home laminate flooring offers high-quality flooring that is stylish and durable as compared to other flooring types. Moreover, discount laminate flooring stores not only offers residential laminate flooring and commercial laminate flooring at affordable prices but also serves as an investment, increase the value of your home and beautify the interior style and decor.

About healthy home laminate flooring:

It offers the best value for money

While planning the flooring, the budget is the constraint; Healthy Home laminate flooring installation will give you the maximum value for money. Discount Healthy Home laminate flooring stores such as laminate flooring Tucson suggest you with the different price ranges of flooring and help you to make the best choice for your situation.

Beautiful textures and patterns

The abundance of options that the discount Healthy Home laminate flooring stores in Tucson are offering, which is not restricted by the price, is the biggest advantage on the part of laminate flooring. With the wide variety of flooring patterns and textures, you can give your house the most authentic look that is not otherwise possible with any other flooring.

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Laminate flooring

Can be installed anywhere

Healthy Home laminate flooring installation can be done almost anywhere in the house. Some areas of your house like kitchen and bathrooms, hardwood or carpet flooring will not go. But laminate flooring will go in all the moisture prone areas as it is stain resistant. It also suits in your living room giving the most authentic and luxurious look.

Extremely tough

Healthy Home laminate flooring is much more resistant to scratches and scuffs than other surfaces. Damages of chemicals and other harmful tonics does not affect the beauty of this flooring. Also, Healthy Home commercial laminate flooring is best for areas where there are chances of more wear and tear.

Easy to clean and extremely durable

Healthy Home laminate flooring installation is the best as it is extremely durable with very little maintenance. They are resilient to fade in sunlight or does not allow moisture to get in. It does not expand and contract like hardwood, so the beauty of the flooring lasts for years. Moreover, due to its plastic exterior, Healthy Home laminate flooring does not absorb dust and other particles and thus may not require any replacement for many years.

Healthy home laminate flooring

Hygienic material and offer lasting value

As laminate flooring does not absorb odors and dirt, it is very hygienic and safe. Apart from this, Healthy Home laminate flooring is backed by lifetime structural warranty, so it is an excellent choice for your flooring.

Healthy Home laminate flooring options are versatile, budget friendly and ease of installation make it best and most attractive option available. Discount laminate flooring stores such as Laminate flooring Tucson offers top laminate options that combine the look and feel of exotic wood, durability as of tile and comfort of that of carpet with their outstanding and elegant discount Healthy Home laminate flooring collection.

High Quality Laminate Flooring Installation

Affordable, modern & high quality laminate flooring installation

Laminate flooring can be functional and visually appealing while remaining affordable. Laminate wood flooring is easier to install, remove and maintain than hardwood flooring, which is why many people prefer it in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Laminate flooring is highly resistant to water and sunlight and easy to clean. The right kind of high quality laminate flooring lasts, which is why it is important to contact the experts at Healthy Home Flooring to ensure the flooring type and installation method is optimal. Contact us today to find out which laminate flooring option is right for your home!

People also ask

A. The lifespan of laminate flooring according to manufacturers is more than 10 years, but can remain looking great for up to 30 years if properly maintained.

A. Although easy to clean, a major disadvantage of laminate flooring is the inability to refinish. Deep scratches or grooves cannot be sanded and refinished like solid wood can be.

A. Laminate flooring is superior in terms of fading from sunlight exposure than vinyl plank flooring. Similar to vinyl plank, laminate flooring is durable and a good choice for homes with children and pets.

A. When cleaning laminate floors, it is not recommended to use steam cleaners or wet mops. Instead use products designed specifically designed for cleaning laminate flooring otherwise you run the risk of damaging your floors.

A. Tiles, both porcelain ceramic and non-porcelain tiles are more resistant to staining than laminate flooring. Tiles, when well maintained, can also last longer in the home while laminate will show wear over time.

A. Laminate flooring is a less expensive alternative to installing tile, stone and real wood in your home. Not only is it less expensive to purchase but also less expensive to install.

A. Restoring shine on laminate flooring can be accomplished using a specially formulated cleaning product to prevent haziness. You can DYI a store bought cleaner by using equal parts of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water.

A. You can install laminate flooring over a ceramic tile floor providing the tile is in good condition, well attached, and level. The same process is identical to installing a laminate floor on a concrete slab.

A. Most people would agree that carpet is the better choice in bedrooms. Laminate in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and other living areas of the home is better for people prone to allergies or that have pets.

A. Installing laminate countertops are attractive and affordable and can be installed by yourself. When installing new sheet laminate over old, first thoroughly sand and clean the old laminate surface.

Laminate Flooring Styles
Low Cost Laminate Floors
Durable Laminate Floors
Hypoallergenic Laminate Floors
High-End Laminate Floors
Quality Laminate Floors
Classy Laminate Floors
Stylish Laminate Floors
Water Resistant Laminate Floors

Laminate Flooring Styles & Colors

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Our Flooring is "Worry-Free"

Simple, Worry Free, Lifetime Guarantee

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 Peace of Mind

Our Worry-Free Flooring Guarantee*

With Healthy Home Floorings Simple, Worry Free, Lifetime guarantee, you do not need to worry about your flooring failing due to installation. One week from now or 10 years from now, if it is buckling, coming up or wrinkling, we will come out quickly and fix or replace your whole floor without a fee.*

Worry Free Floors

Our Completely Free Guarantee*

Plus, we have so much confidence in our products, that with EVERY flooring purchase, we remove your worries, by covering your accidents, spills, scratches or buckling on all products for your first year, COMPLETELY FREE!* We genuinely care about your new flooring and your family's well being, so we wanted to take the worry out of your everyday living! You break it, We Fix It, for FREE!*

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We are loving our new Laminate flooring installed by the team at Happy Home Flooring. Dan and his crew were on time every day and the installation team put our furniture back without causing any damage. Every day before leaving Dan and his team made sure everything was cleaned up. We enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. We are also loving how easy our new Laminate floors are to clean. Our kids already had a mess and clean-up was not an issue.

Carol A.

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Extremely professional from beginning to end. Sales was great and really took the time to ensure I got the right product. Installers were great and professional throughout the process. Happy I chose this company to do my floors

Scott Cunningham

New Floor

We love our new floor and everything was a breeze thank you Healthy Home Flooring for taking care of our home.

Jesse Marquez

More bang for a buck

As my wife and I prepare to list our home in Estrella Mountain Ranch, we needed our second story floor refinished. Old contractor grade carpet that was garbage is coming out and we are doing the same luxury vinyl plank that we installed on the first story. We went with Healthy Home Flooring again as they did a marvelous job on the first go around. The process was easy, scheduling was no problem, and the work started within a couple days. I really enjoy the professional service provided by Healthy Home Flooring and would recommend them to anyone considering lvp for floors.

Kelly McKenzie

Thank you for a great job! We love our new floors

What a fantastic experience this was. As first time home owners, we needed to get out carpets in the room replaced with laminate. From the welcome call to the installation to the check ins, these guys went above and beyond to make sure quality was at its best 🫡 fully recommend ✅

Chaitra Venkattesh

Great service

Great service and awesome results. These guys offered the best price in the valley to boot.

Ashley Anne Powell

Highly recommend!

Healthy Home Flooring was very professional and knowledgeable regarding laminate flooring! They also provided lots of discounts, which brought the cost way down! The installers were amazing! We replaced carpeting with laminate flooring! When the carpet was pulled up, the floor had lots of cracks & was not level. They did a great job patching up cracks & leveling the floor! They moved our furniture & removed the baseboards. I couldn’t believe when they put the baseboards back, they were perfect! Not even one scratch or chip! They covered everything, & there was barely any dust! Our floors look beautiful! I would definitely recommend them if you’re thinking about putting in new floors!

Viviana Dunay

Flooring and Duct cleaning

This being our first home, we knew we needed high quality flooring at an affordable price.
The salesman had a great attitude and educated us on why Healthy Home Flooring is unique and ahead of the competition.
They included a wonderful duct cleaning promo and Scott our duct cleaning technician was excellent!

Would 10/10 recommend!

Brandon Johnson

The best experience, thank you!

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Healthy Home Flooring. From the start the entire team was knowledgeable, patient, quick to respond and professional. The installation team was the same: kind, efficient, hard-working, and knowledgeable. We had a very large job (10,000 sq. ft.+). They worked long hard days to get us back into our space quickly. We are so grateful to have found Healthy Home Flooring for our project!

Debbie Vinopal

flooring review

Healthy Home Flooring installed our floors and baseboards. They did a really great job. Would definitely recommend them. Cheryl was very infomative, I also received a mid-day call from the office daily. Floors like great!


Excellence all over

This company did the flooring in our Church, which has a very complicated and very large floor plan. The carpet looked fabulous and was meticulously laid out. The carpet had a pattern, which made it very difficult for the workers, but they matched it mysteriously and there is no seam visible anywhere. They removed the pews, put them back in exactly where they were before and worked overtime every evening, the last night until 3am, so that the congregation could have the Sunday Service the next morning, what nobody had expected at all.
There were absolute experts at work, who were dedicated to thrive for excellence. And they were so fast, it was just fantastic.
Kudos to the owner, Brandon, who did an admirable job with an excellent crew.
Brandon also stood out in comparison to 3 other companies, who were slow to respond. He immediately returned calls, helped with providing many samples and left a lot of time to the church group to make a decision, never putting anybody under pressure at all.
Thank you Brandon,


Marlies Korsten

JD was great to work with.

JD was great to work with, We went on vacation to Indonesia while the old tile was taken out and new floors installed. When we arrived back home we We’re amazed at how beautiful the floors were. The crew did a great job and came back over for final walk through ready to fix any issues if I had any. Very honest and trustworthy. Thank you Healthy Home Flooring ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Meriani Walstrom

Excellent Company

Healthy Home Flooring installed our floors and baseboards. They did a really great job. Would definitely recommend them.

Carlos Rivera

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