Travertine tile flooring

In recent years, more and more homeowners are liking natural stone and using it for as many applications possible. Even in bathrooms apart from flooring, natural appearance is preferred on wall mosaics, vanity tops and tub surrounds also. One natural stone material that is particularly popular for bathrooms is the travertine. Also, travertine tile designs add an elegant character to your bath and variations in travertine tile colors adds to its overall beauty.

Travertine tile at travertine stores Phoenix is often confused about its applicability in bathrooms and capability to withstand water stress. Whether it is commercial travertine tile flooring or residential, this is because travertine is known to be a porous type of natural stone which leads people to believe that its impractical for areas where water is almost present every time. But the fact is, travertine at Tile stores Phoenix can be indeed used for bathrooms. Also, travertine tile designs and travertine tile colors add to its beauty and appearance. It just depends upon:

  • The finish you choose.

  • The installation of your floors.

Travertine designs

There are many finishes available in many travertine tile colors and travertine tile designs. They are as follows:


Travertine tile designs in this type are tumbled with rocks and gravel giving the look of age, wear and weathering. This kind of finish makes it slip resistant so that it can be a great option for bathrooms, kitchens and other water prone spaces.


Polished finish at travertine stores Phoenix involves polishing and greasing, thus making it more stain resistant, smooth, reflective and tend to look more sleek and elegant. It involves glossy and bright finished look, thus making your bathrooms more attractive than any other.


This is also the most common style of travertine that suits any room in your house including bathrooms. It is also grounded and smoothened, thus seems like a fresh finish.


Brushed travertine tiles have a textured surface that is created deliberately with a wire brush. This style is not shiny and reflective which makes it less slippery and stain resistant. It is best for bathrooms and also the outdoor areas of your house.

Travertine tile installation

The key to success of your bath is the installation of travertine tiles which is very important to be considered. For usage of travertine tiles in your bathrooms, shower areas, and other moisture prone areas, it is imperative that you must have properly sealed it with proper sealers. This will not only prevent your residential and commercial travertine tile flooring from water penetration but also make it easier to maintain. Installing your travertine in your bathroom with a reputable installer such as Tile flooring Phoenix will increase the life of your baths.

At the travertine stores Phoenix, all the above finishes are available. They have many options in commercial travertine tile flooring also. Even, the choice of travertine tile designs and travertine tile colors is not confined to floors and walls. Travertine designers at their stores use travertine for bathrooms fixtures such as sinks and tubs, and you can give your entire bathroom, the look of travertine.

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