There was a time when researching a purchase could take weeks. It often involved getting friends opinions, visiting a variety of stores and contacting numerous sellers before buying a product. The internet eventually simplified this process, but it also created the belief that big purchase decisions could be made with minimal effort. Unfortunately, this can lead to huge mistakes when buying new flooring. If you can avoid the following mishaps, though, you’ll make the right purchase from the start.

1. Too Much Focus on Price

Being smart with your money is a great attribute, and purchasing generic cereals, shampoo or breakfast sausage is a great way to save a few bucks. When it comes to buying new flooring, though, you must avoid going the cheap route. There are certainly better values than others, but it’s important to remember that not all flooring is made with quality in mind.

Of course, you could purchase flooring material that ranges from cork to marble. Even if you don’t choose the most durable material, though, there are still different levels of quality among brands. It may also surprise you to know that even the store you purchase new flooring from can have a huge effect on quality.

2. Not Seeking Interior Designer Advice

Everyone has a fantastic vision of exactly what they want their home to look like with new flooring. This vision involves durable floors that will last forever and go perfectly with both current furniture and future décor. In our minds, simply investing in high-quality materials and respected brands is enough to accomplish this feat.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work out in the real world. Everything from your window treatments to ceiling texture can dictate how the finished product of your new flooring will look. This is why it’s essential to get in-home estimates with a designer.

Any contractor can walk in and tell you how much a new carpet will cost. When it comes down to it, though, cost and quality should not be your only considerations. Getting an estimate from a professional designer will ensure you get a great price and fantastic appearance.

3. Making Purchase Based Solely on Warranty

If you were to read 10 online articles about mistakes to avoid when buying new flooring, half of them would discuss the importance of a great warranty. What this flawed yet well-intentioned tip fails to consider, however, is what a flooring warranty actually does. Normal wear and tear isn’t covered, so you’ll need to look deeper.

Flooring warranties are typically focused on defective materials or installation. When it comes down to it, though, most of these defects will be noticed within a few months. This means that, while a 20-year warranty may sound exceptional, it’s likely no better than a 5-year guarantee covering the same issues.

This means you need to pay attention to what the warranty actually offers. The length of these protection plans should certainly be considered, but it’s important not to overestimate their usefulness.

New flooring

4. Lifestyle vs Flooring

Imagine for one moment that you’re a professional interior designer with a decade of experience. With this type of knowledge, you should be able to find flooring that perfectly matches the surrounding room. Just because something looks great when you have it installed, though, doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

This is because far too many people don’t consider their lifestyles when purchasing new flooring. Sure, the light-colored carpet might make a small room seem more spacious. If it’s a high-traffic area, though, you’ll go crazy trying to keep it clean. Similarly, high-gloss hardwood flooring can be quickly ruined if you have pets or rambunctious children.
The fact is that there’s no single “right choice” in flooring for every home. Consider what your current lifestyle and future plans entail. Then take the time to share this information during your in-home estimate with a designer.

5. Quality Materials with Subpar Labor

Remember the national chain with the terrible reviews mentioned earlier? Do you think they simply don’t sell quality flooring? This obviously can’t be the case. Many of the issues actually arise when it comes to the installed product. Even the most beautiful carpet or hardwood flooring in the world can look terrible if a professional doesn’t perform the job.

Never go the cheap route on installation. While it’s easy to believe that high-quality flooring will negate any potential problems, skimping on the labor will typically be more costly than choosing professionals from the start. Leaving an angry review on a consumer site might make you feel better if you go this route, but it’s not going to make your flooring look any better.

6. Avoid Common Flooring Mistakes

Some of the simplest and most common mistakes when buying new flooring can cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, countless unlucky consumers have traversed these perilous purchase decisions in the past. This means we know the errors to avoid, and because of this, you can get the most from your money the first time around.
If you want your new flooring to give your house an exceptional look, schedule a free design and estimate appointment with Healthy Home Flooring today!