Carpet flooring

Healthy Home Flooring is one of the first things that guests notice when they step into your home. Healthy Home Flooring carpets offer a lively character to your entire home décor as they range from the most varied materials to the most diverse designs. The right kind of carpet flooring is capable enough to make your setup look elegant and beautiful and worth envying upon, of course!

While the other kinds of home flooring trends are mostly about wooden looks, for carpets from Healthy Home Flooring, it is the design and patterns that count. We have compiled some of our latest carpets trends for you to let you change the look of your home and amplify the feel-good factor:

Carpet types

Recycled carpets:

Eco-friendly or green carpets are currently the biggest trend with homemakers going crazy over it. Most of the carpets today are made out of recycled materials, if not wholly but partially. Manufacturers and homemakers are more focused on the environment, and this trend is likely to grow even more in the coming years.

Cut and loop carpet:

These are the kind of carpets that are inclusive of both loops and cuts (straight). These carpets were much popular during the 70s and gradually lost their importance towards the 80s. However, now it is making a comeback in full force. Cut and loop carpets offer an array of textures and patterns: one of the biggest reasons why it is trending right now. We are already aware of how this carpet kind has come and gone with time. History does repeat itself, isn’t it!

Frieze carpet:

Most people lack the idea and knowledge of what a frieze carpet is. Frieze carpets are also known as twist carpets. They refer to those carpets wherein each of the pieces is twisted many times, therefore making it look curly.

You know how your hair turns out to be when you sleep with a braid right? Well, that is exactly how these frieze carpets look.

These carpets have made their entry into the industry relatively recently and are likely to continue over the next decade at least.

Carpet tile rugs:

These carpet kinds are cool. You have an endless list for creating custom rugs by picking carpet tiles and linking these together. This trend is especially popular amongst families as in any case one part of the rug gets damaged, you can replace it as it is just a carpet tile.

Rugs have always been in style, and there is no possible reason why these carpet rugs would fade away in fashion.

Carpet installation

Although you can opt for DIY carpet installation, it is best suggested to choose professional carpet installation from Healthy Home Flooring. Their carpet installation professionals will not charge you any additional costs and fees related to removal of old flooring and their disposal, removal of old furniture, etc. They will arrive at your doorstep with the required, tools, knowledge and supplies to lay down your Mohawk carpet with perfection. However, you need to make sure that the installers have access to electrical power outlets and some space for storing their electrical tools during the process of the Mohawk carpet installation.

Besides, the carpet installation professionals from Healthy Home Flooring will move your furniture for free! So hurry!