Pet friendly carpets

Carpet flooring range from the top class brands like Mohawk, Shaw, Berber, Milliken, Legato, Dupont and much more at discount offers and prices. Healthy Home Flooring has discount outlets in Phoenix, Tucson and all it’s surrounding cities wherein you will find the best carpet flooring options. Pet Friendly Carpets can be made of natural or synthetic fibers.

Carpet flooring is the best guarantor of comfort and quality to both it’s commercial and residential customers. With a range of designs, colors, patterns, and never-seen-before-texture, carpet flooring comes with many discounts and attractive offers.

Also, to keep your carpets and your pets safe, there is a unique range of Pet-Friendly Carpet Flooring. Pet owners today are looking for new carpet has two main priorities: stain resistance and durability. Pet accidents and wear/tear from your beloved pets can take a toll on your carpet and shorten its lifespan. 21st-Century consumers are adding environmental and health effects to their list of pet-friendly flooring priorities.

The Pet-Friendly Carpets Have the Following Benefits:

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting is more comfortable for pets as many pets spend lots of time lying around on the floor.
  • Carpet is also a non-slip surface that can be safer for animals, whose footpads tend to slide on tile and hardwood flooring.
  • Lastly, carpet absorbs sound and can make your home a more peaceful place to live.
Carpet flooring installation

Quality installation of carpet is a must when it comes to your carpet flooring. While carpet installation and carpet layering is not a challenging task, however the size of the rolls along with the limited workplace available, it can become a tough job. Carpet flooring from Healthy Home Flooring Services, AZ is 12 foot in its width which therefore makes the carpet roll cumbersome and difficult to handle even for a room of an average size of 12×12 feet.

Below are some general tips from the experts of Healthy Home Flooring for you to consider during carpet installation.

1. Subfloor Cleaning:

The surface which has to be carpeted should be neat and clean. There is a need to scrap paint or anything that is stuck to your subfloor before carpet installation.

2. Installing the Tackless Slips:

Tackless slips should not be installed near doorways and thresholds of your home as the strip tacks are sharp and could anytime poke through the carpet thereby hurting your feet. Tackless strips are available in different heights, thickness and also, width. Hence, the selection of the perfect tackless strip is critical.

3. Installing the Carpet Pad:

The carpet pad should be laid perpendicularly to the direction in which you plan to do your carpet installation and carpet layering. The carpet pad then has to be stapled near the tackless strip with the help of a staple hammer.

4. Stapling Any Pad Seams:

Stapling the seam of pads is also essential during carpet installation and carpet layering to ensure that they are not stuck beside one another.

5. Trimming the Pad:

The padding has to be felt through to locate the tackless strip post which the padding along the interior edge of the tackless strip has to be cut with a knife for every tack to get exposed.

6. Trimming the Carpet Size:

After following the above steps, the final thing to do is to roll your carpet with its back facing outwards until the notched areas start appearing. With chalk, draw from notch to notch and cut it.

Best carpet flooring

While having advantages, carpet flooring also has its disadvantages. However, while choosing carpet flooring, you will have to keep your expectations within reason. Carpet flooring comes in a variety of materials. Especially for 2022, Eco-friendly or green carpets are the most significant trend currently with homemakers going crazy over it.

So, hurry and buy our best option!